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The Groveton Mission
Our goal is to provide comfortable, functional and well-maintained homes for our tenants. We want you to enjoy the lifestyle of home ownership, without the responsibilities or expense.

Tenant Selection
We lease properties to highly qualified applicants who will treat their new homes—and their new neighbors—with respect and consideration.

Evaluation Process
To expedite your application, we'll take a look at several factors, including your credit score, income, employment and residence history.

Lease Preconditions
All prospective tenants must complete our two-page lease application. There is no application fee. However, in order to be considered, you will be asked to authenticate an online credit evaluation at Your credit report will immediately be sent to you and to Groveton Properties, and will help us evaluate your application.

Move-In Costs
Once we've approved your application, we'll collect the first month's rent plus an equal amount to be held as security and cleaning deposits.

Lease Term
Your lease will run for at least 12 months. Upon expiration, your lease can renewed for the full term (or longer) or extended on a month-to-month basis.

Pet Policy
We're happy for you to own pets, as long as they can be kept clean, safe and under control. Additional rent of $25.00 per month will be charged for each pet that resides at your rental home.

No Smoking, Please
To avoid safety issues, property damage and cleaning costs associated with tobacco products, our properties are smoke-free.



Frequently-Asked Questions

Renting gives you all the benefits of home ownershipprivacy, a desirable location and plenty of spacewithout the obligation and expense of repairs, insurance and taxes. Here are some other basic renting guidelines to consider:
Besides the rent, which expenses are my responsibility?
Since we maintain your home's physical structure, grounds and appliances, we only require that you carry renter's
insurance to cover any damage or loss to your personal property.

Who pays for utilities?
Electric, water, heat, trash, phone, cable and satellite TV services will be placed in your name, and will be your responsibility. In addition, we expect you to provide for the general upkeep of the home (that is, for supplies, maintenance or repairs of less than $50.00). Also, you'll need to mow the lawn in the summer, rake leaves in the fall and remove snow from the driveway in winter (or hire a service to do it for you).

What does Groveton Properties pay for?
We're responsible for the upkeep and repairs to the building itself
, including the roof, gutters, foundation, plumbing, electrical, windows, appliances, heating and cooling, plus the general maintenance of the grounds and driveway. And of course, we'll pay all the taxes and hazard insurance on the property. You will be required to carry renters insurance to cover your personal property.

Can I customize the house to suit my taste?
Yes. Materials for pre-authorized permanent improvements that will add value to the home (such as installing a ceiling fan) will be reimbursed. For any custom cosmetic or decorative improvements you make (like painting a room pink), you'll be asked to supply the labor and materials and return the property to the condition in which it was found before you move out. Any damages to the interior, exterior or landscaping will be reimbursed by the tenant or deducted from your security deposit. Repair of any damages will need to be deemed acceptable by Groveton Properties.

Who do I call in case of an emergency?
If you have a life- or property-threatening emergency, call 911. If something needs repair, give us a call, and we’ll schedule a service call with a qualified contractor as soon as possible. If you have an urgent situation (such as a power failure, furnace, water or electrical shutoff) and we can’t be reached or can’t respond within a reasonable period of time, please call our network of authorized service providers. They're familiar with our properties and will take care of any problems.

Anderson Living Photo Gallery Lease Information Services Contact Us Homes

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